Verify TAN

Verify TAN

Readers must be aware that many tax payers have to deduct income-tax at source  and / or collect income-tax at source while accepting the payment.  Such Deductor / Collector will have to obtain his TAX DEDUCTION ACCOUNT Number / TAN Number before making any such deduction / collection. Such TDS / TCS is also deposited in to bank  by mentioning it in the respective challan while depositing the TDS / TCS amount in the bank.

Any person  can verify the TAN NO. of any deductor / collector who makes TDS / TCS  by his TAN Number and  the TAN data could also be verified by Name of relevant deductor / collector till  2016 but now, this service ‘by Name’ has been terminated.

And therefore, if you have TAN No., verify by TAN NO. or if you don’t have TAN No. of the relevant person, you can not know his TAN Number  by his name. One more thing to be clarified that earlier both services were FREE but Government has terminated both the services by Number and by name and therefore, now, no free service is available.

Now, if want to verify TAN Number of any deductor / collector, you can obtain this verification service through of Moon Soft Technologies Private Limited. Moon Soft is providing this service of TAN verification @ Rs. 20/- per TAN verification.

In this entire verification process, Moon Soft will provide you only complete name of Deductor (in case of TDS) / Collector (in case of TCS), after making the payment.  For the next process of verification of TAN, please click here under -


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